Oh no, not another grand Yorkshire day out!

Last week we had yet another day off and set off into North Yorkshire heading for the coast. On the way we stopped at Hackfall wood which has been a pleasure wood since 1731 complete with follies, waterfall and fountain. More here. A very peaceful day on a beautiful sunny morning, set in a deep gorge:.

The fountain was not playing, only works on Sundays apparently, worth going back for.

We went next to Shandy Hall, Coxwold, which is where Laurence Stern lived and wrote some of Tristam Shandy (available in audio at Librivox. This is another hidden gem, the house only opens twice a week, not on the day we were there, but the gardens alone are worth the visit. Very quirky indeed, lots of nooks and corners and hidden delights and shady seats.

I fancy making a copy of this simple stool, it is four-legged actually, but one was missing. The benches were rather unusual too:

The planting was beautiful, this bunch reminded me of oriental warriors:

Having had a look at the church in the village, we noted a stylish gravestone, unusual in having decoration on the reverse side.

Finally we visited Bempton Cliffs on the East coast, very busy with thousands of nesting sea birds including gannets, fulmars, kittiwakes, guilemots, and puffins.

3 thoughts on “Oh no, not another grand Yorkshire day out!

  1. The last picture there looks absolutly amazing! If you’re looking for yet another day out in Yorkshire, you should come down to Hornsea Freeport. I had an amazing day with the family visiting Honeysuckle Farm, enjoying fish and chips by the sea front, and the Hornsea Mere which is known as Yorkshire’s largest freshwater lake (formed at the end of the Ice Age), the place makes the perfect setting for a stroll or boat ride. The picturesque lake is a paradise for bird lovers with a variety of wintering waterfowl and passage migrants paying regular visits. Certainly reccomend!

  2. I couldn’t agree more about Hornsea Freeport. I have family who live in Hull, and we had seen an advert for days out in Yorkshire and it was a trip to Hornsea Freeport. We had a great day out! It was so cheap as well, we barely spent a penny and had such a great day.

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