Quick overview of another grand day out

Here is a picture of taxes being used for something interesting.

It is Coldstones Cut.  This is a large sculpture funded by aggregates levy (and other funds too, I believe).  It replaces a small viewing platform over the quarry (which I find very spectacular:

So, a good place for the artwork; you can’t otherwise see the quarry as it is surrounded by earth bunding.

It’s a good and interesting shape too. Obviously a lot of thought and planning has gone into it.  Lines up East too for the sunrise.

However …

I don’t like to nag, but, sometimes artworks just have rubbish craftwork.  I’ll justify that.

The sculpture is made from a large amount of seriously heavy rocks (not wallstones).  No problem with that, it’s just how they’ve been put together.

This would have looked a whole lot better with a lot less mortar showing.  It would have been stronger too and maybe this crack (it runs from the second to top course on the corner to around the back of the rightmost bollard) might not have been there only 9 months after it was finished.  There are also lots of holes there for water penetration.  It will be interesting to re-visit in a couple of years’ time to see how it’s bearing up.

There used to be a better way to build a corner too, where the two faces were locked together by overlapping corner stones.

Anyway, I’d still recommend a visit as there are fantastic views of a huge range of Yorkshire and an old lime burning kiln:

OK, I was going to cram another day’s outing into this post but it will have to wait.

Back soon!


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