How does this
Plus this

Become this?

With a lot of hard work and lifting.  So we were rather envious of Dan’s:

May try to lighten up next year.

The pictures are from 2011’s Wild About Wood at Castle Howard, N Yorkshire. We had a good couple of days, cooking on charcoal in our dutch oven, demo-ing charcoal making, making a stool and a Viking cup, racing spinning top making and getting quite a few people to have a go.

Meanwhile back in the woods …

The days are shortening and the afternoon shadows are lengthening.  Been a good Summer for the moss:

Most forest-like.

Hole filled

Here’s a (rather blurry/soft focus phone) photograph of the peeled oak gates installed.

I’ll take another when I return with the oak drop bolt with renewable pin.

Many thanks to Dave for his sterling help – it was definitely a two-handed job to get everything looking good when there are no right lines to follow.

I delivered this renovated bench today too:

It’s another hand tooled finish in chestnut.

Wild About Wood coming up this weekend at Castle Howard.

An opportunity for the world

Derelict coppice – who needs it?

Just a load of old hazel overgrown, or is it?

This is a coppice wood that has been left without management for around 50 years.  It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (just like Strid Wood).  Lots of trees and flora, and birds, and deer (OMG).

It needs a bit of loving care and attention, … and a chain saw.

These overgrown hazel stools will be a source of all manner of coppice products …

Wait until you see what comes out of this woodland – you’ll need to wait a bit though!