Hole filled

Here’s a (rather blurry/soft focus phone) photograph of the peeled oak gates installed.

I’ll take another when I return with the oak drop bolt with renewable pin.

Many thanks to Dave for his sterling help – it was definitely a two-handed job to get everything looking good when there are no right lines to follow.

I delivered this renovated bench today too:

It’s another hand tooled finish in chestnut.

Wild About Wood coming up this weekend at Castle Howard.

4 thoughts on “Hole filled

  1. Nice gate. The photo looks like it was taken in the 70s and faded a bit! Love to see some close ups of the joints etc
    All the best Sean

    • Ah if only it was in the 70s, felt like about 48 at some points this afternoon when the wind was blowing a gale. Nearly had to roll my sleeves down.

      BTW all the 70s joints have been used up now.

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