This is m’fungus.

A stinkhorn (phallus impudicus).  It only takes about an hour to expand once it breaks through the veil, but I had to wait a week for the breakthrough.

Somewhat unfortunately I was unable to take the final photograph in the series as Jane came home before me, and as the stinkhorn truly does stink (rotting flesh) she put it outdoor, opened the windows, burnt two papiers d’Armenie and made a curry.

Here it is in its full stinking glory:

They normally expand vertically, but it must have been hampered by sitting in the glass.

2 thoughts on “This is m’fungus.

  1. Well, Well, again I would never have guessed. Thanks for sharing your phallus with us. You are very lucky man to still have a wife and home! In the wild I can smell them from great distances, what they must smell like in a confined space, god knows

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