Cunning little vixen

A prototype fox is now hanging around the deer, and I’m rather concerned about his interest in this prototype mini deer.

My wife, Jane, developed the little deer and that’s what inspired me to try a fox, which has been mooted for some little time.  Recent visitors to the bodgery will have noted that the fox is now a gang of two, and the new recruit has a meaner, hungrier, sharper-nosed look, and looks fleeter of foot.

These should get round the stock problems such as “Can’t fit it in the car/Can’t carry it to the car/Not enough room in the garden for it, now the car has swallowed up most of it etc, etc.

Another deer course today with much auger wielding, shaving making, antler trimming, fun and as a bonus … mallet swinging (note these Bobby-socks feet!)

Squealing of the rounder plane

And of course the usual amount of sitting about drinking tea and eating soup and rolls.

By the way the “Twig Nook” name plate is now on its way to Wales, where it looks like sparking a house re-naming!