A Giant, Straw Goat

What is it about animals that we have to recreate them all the time? This one looks like real fun!

Biscuit Barbarian


Last weekend was spent building a giant straw billy-goat. Yes, that’s right. It’s a tradition in my city that the goat is put up on Advent Sunday. And a tradition that it’s burnt down, preferably before christmas, to really get into the christmas spirit… 😀

I think it somehow came from the tradition of the Yule Goat that somehow turned into this. There are nowadays two goats, da big boss made by a company and our school’s science club make the little one, made with love and care, as we say. It took the whole weekend to build it and some slept over at the club’s location. With someone guarding it every night incase someone would burn it down (oh traditions..). We first built the design up in wood and nailed wire to it. Then, we fastened the straw to it and spruced it up with read cloth for…

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1 thought on “A Giant, Straw Goat

  1. Animals are our inspiration and well this is the traditional Yule Goat. It was much easier and much more fun building it that I thought :D. It was fun decorating it too, tried to make the red cloth into a tie but pity it didn’t look so nice so we went with the traditional.

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