A parliament of owls, and things to be glad and brave about.

This is a bunch of prototypes, only one was owl-like enough – guess which.

The prototypes have ended up strung out on a branch of birch on permanent display, whilst I endeavoured to reproduce the best one for sale.  These resulted from some internet research by Theo, my nephew, so that’s something to be glad about.

Also gladness hence; we run two wood burning stoves, which puts heavy demand on newspaper, and as we only get newspaper twice a week, we quickly run out of the easily burning stuff.  I resort to the recycling bins and dive for newspapers (The Church Times is best, big and untreated, burns a treat) today I got a decent handful in the morning and an armful this evening, pure gladness.

The weather here is really horrible (but nowhere near as bad as in Scotland (home of The Brave, as in “Scotland the Brave” not:

They were brave too.)

OK so lousy weather, nearly decided not to put any wares out for sale this morning, but did.  And out of the handful of brave people who passed by, some bought a deer, some bought a (pre-ordered) butter slab, and even some people who said they would come back and buy something (this usually means we won’t come back and buy anything) did come back and buy some elves and a garlic press.  Something-else to be glad about.

Also, the riving wind, I noticed has brought a branch down from a douglas fir (an export from the Land of the Free), seasonal decorations for the Bodgery, photo to follow, when we get a bit of frost.  Yet another thing to be glad about.

And the key event of the day was a simple spring repair to my metal clarinet, that I started repairing and broke last night.

So all in all a very good day.


And … my daughter has an office move into the middle of London from the outskirts opposite the other outskirts(ish) to where she lives, giving her an extra day a month by shortening her journey.  Whizzo!

2 thoughts on “A parliament of owls, and things to be glad and brave about.

  1. back bench far right or second row recently reshuffled cabinet owl second row far right??

    am i right or am i not right!!

    parliament…..literally..?? other than owls is this still a viable whatnot??

    • And the winning owl was … 2nd row, far left.

      I remember a parliament being a collective noun for “foules” an old English poem by our premier poet Geoffrey Chaucer, modern version read “fowls”. He spelt parliament WYSIWYG too “parlement”. I think a parliament of rooks might be a goer too, they do sometimes look to be holding a meeting in a field.

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