“Out of the strong came forth sweetness” Judges 14:14

Huh?  What going on here?

Making glue or summat?


Just lunch – a shallot and a baked potato, soufflé next!

This is an adaptation of my informal firebrick rocket stove, sometime steamer engine, sometime midge repellent, handwarmer, crowd pleaser, but I must say oven is a great hit with me!

Anyway, as we approach the depths of Winter and the shortest day can I offer you this picture?

This is a hazel at the entrance to Strid Wood.  It is showing budding catkins at the same time as a few of last Summer’s leaves still cling on, just what the Heck is going on?  The birds will be making snow nests next!

I can’t resist giving you a link to this video of Susan Greenfield’s sermon on Storytelling.  It’s not about storytelling, but blogging does get a mention – and now read on/watch it.


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