What’s worse than my bark?

What bark is that?

And the above is just a little scary, get those red tips.  Doesn’t look so good for working though but.  And on the same walk we came across this:

I’d just said to my daughter that where we were looked like it had been a stone quarry, there are lots of them round here, very small many of them used to win the wall stones for enclosing the land and robbing the poor.  Much of our landscape looks like this.

Small fields divided by millstone grit dry walls.  So the picture second-above shows where a large piece of stone has been split off using a drill chisel and wedges quite some time ago.

We went to Haworth today for a walk.  It’s only about 20 minutes drive from here, but we usually avoid it like the plague as it is full of Bronte sisters tourists.  We had a good walk round the back lanes, bought a couple of ex-army shirts for work and a good cap with flaps which, though cosy is less full-on than my shearling one which can get too hot at times.  Then we walked back up to the car over the railway bridge.  I like the way the engine driver keeps his tea good and warm!

Delivering two peeled oak gates tomorrow, but mostly enjoying a good break from The Bodgery which was so busy in the lead up to Christmas. So I’m now relaxing installing Linux on my old Mac Powerbook, mending the front mech on me bike, reseating the sound card in the Mac Mini, sawing off the remaining gate post, sawing a few logs, cooking, brewing and generally chilling out … man.

3 thoughts on “What’s worse than my bark?

  1. Bread Bark !! I hope your bread does not taste like wood. Have a good New Year, from Clive the Bodger at Chatsworth.

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