Out with the new in with the old


I have a Mac Powerbook G4 (sounds powerful, eh?)  It looks as good as when I bought it under the computers for work scheme (or whatever it was called) and has the power still to work as well, it is a shiny sleek aluminium (pronounced aloominum) powerful cuboid.   However, it is based around the PowerPC chip, which Apple abandoned in favour of the Intel chip in 2005.

All major software writers have now deserted the powerful PowerPC chip-based computers.

I can’t update the Powerbook to the latest operating system (Lion), Firefox open-source browser, Google Chrome has never run on it and was never designed to.  It seems broke, but it isn’t.  It is just as good and powerful as when I bought it (probably better, I seem to remember buying some more RAM for it).

So, if you want to upgrade your PowerPC, forget it, put the money towards a new ‘puter.  If the upgrade is just software for a PowerPC, that is a total waste of money. If, on the other hand, you quite like the Mac you have, just keep on using it without any upgrade, it will still work, you may get messages now and then that you should upgrade, but they can’t make you!

As for me?  I tried to install Linux, but found that even that opensource-love-peace-and-freedom-man system had very little resource to spare for PowerPCs.  I’ve reinstalled my cobweb encrusted version of the OS X system and use it just like I did.  I’ve even upgraded the Firefox browser (very easily) to the impossibly modern and go-faster-striped Firefox 10.4 with a “fork” version called TenFourFox which is way faster than Safari.

Mind you, you don’t need to believe me; I’ve got an axe to grind!