Sawing up and settling down.

Last week we took down a bough that had blown down in a recent gale and embedded itself upright in the ground.

Didn’t take long to down it and get it sawn up.

And all the brash burnt.

Then yesterday we went out at dusk to watch this display …

What the ..


Just a few thousand



Tomorrow it’s the start of felling.

4 thoughts on “Sawing up and settling down.

    • Snow is not a regular feature of an English Winter. I probably give a false impression of how much snow we get, as I almost always use it as a photo opportunity when it does come. So far this Winter I think we’ve only had one minor snowfall. Tempting fate now – we’ll probably get snowed in in Feb!

      • That’s usually the case, we usually think we’ve gotten away with it, yet it comes at awkward times of the year! That’s also a gigantic amount of starlings, are they common in your area?

      • There has been a decline in the number of starlings generally around here, that’s why it’s so good to see that flock. They roost in these same trees (if you call leylandii trees) every night just now!

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