What the well dressed woodsman is wearing

Last Saturday, after running another woodland animal making course and delivering an oak garden bench,

we called in at Ilkley (home of bah’t ‘at) ostensibly to get a part for a coffee-making machine.  Had to call in a couple of charity (thrift) shops in case there was a sheepskin to make saddles for the two shave horses in Strid bodgery.

Struck it in gold at Oxfam, only £15!  I’d been looking for one for ages.  “Shall I put it in a big bag?”  The lady asked. “Nah, I’ll wear it.” said I.  It is heavy, didn’t fancy carrying it round Ilkley.  It was a cold day and the sheepskin coat’s skin was saved.  Far too good to cut up, and so warm.  Why pay more?  And you can – about £500 without trying too hard even.

Trouble is, I now need a sheepskin coat to make into saddles for the horses …

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