The boy’s new fence

Theo built a dwarf hazel fence in situ yesterday, and made a really good job of it I reckon.  Especially as it was both our first attempts.  It’s woven from the thinnest stuff I’ve taken out of Wood Nook.  It replaces a rather naff-looking nylon cord I had in the same place to discourage visitors coming uninvited into the work area (with its attendant sharp tools, hot stove, etc.  It should also help keep the shavings in the workshop, rather than spreading over the track.  The fence has proper bindings on the top with under and over weaving and wrapping around the end sales (upright poles).

I’ve been working on a split hazel hurdle too.  Not as easy as it looks in YouTube videos, so this hurdle will be destined for an inconspicuous place as its neatness leaves quite a lot to be desired, although it does have the required strength.  Here is a small section behind this lump of spalted ash I’ve worked up for a caterer to display cakes on (they wanted it just like this, honest!).

I’ve also been making a shave horse for a customer this week, here’s the finished article

And today it’s log making, working on the oak bench, finishing that large sycamore bowl, which, as predicted, is now as hard as iron, even to the sharpest tool.

London at the weekend for the Heritage Crafts Association annual meeting.

3 thoughts on “The boy’s new fence

    • Hi Tico.

      The tooling finish is done with a two-handed knife. It’s a custom made job, meant for carving the inside of bowls, but I use it for anything from bowls to shrink pots, but I really like the liveliness it gives to a flat surface. There’s a post and video (rather slow download I’m afraid) here.

  1. I’m definitely proud of that and reckon it was worth a mornings work. I’d also like to express my admiration for the proud recipent of that shiny shave horse which is a present for his 21st birthday, I hope he has a draw knife otherwise hes a bit stuck haha

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