Beech Ball


We’re back from a long weekend 300 miles away down South in Dorset for the Bodgers’ Beech Ball or AGM. We camped in the woods with our massive Dutch tent:

We’d picked my daughter Nim up from Bristol railway station on the way down and she had a happy time away from the smoke of London, into the smoke of our cooker and Kelly Kettle:

I can recommend the pineapple cooked in foil on the red boy (our Vietnamese charcoal-fired cooker)

There was lots to se and do: Henry was there framing:

Excellent demo of using the frame saw without a pit!

Sean Hellman gave a very detailed and interesting talk about natural sharpening stones.

Barn was there making and explaining how to make spoons:

Jane and Nim practiced Swedish knife grips in one of his sessions. Here he is in a more life-like size:


Sorry about the hazy focus!

Must get off to work, very busy this week with Otley Show, weaving a fence, peeling oak in The Lakes and getting a story chair ready for assembly during a school open day for the following weekend.

Part 2 of The Ball coming soon.


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