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  1. Didn’t care much for the run of expletives at the end, but $300 is a lot of money. I remember when I could afford to buy tools from Woodcraft Supply, before they went national. Now, its all about doctors and lawyers and other hobbiests who have lots of disposable income and don’t have to worry about dollar/return on investment. Of course I do know a few professionals that I have to compete with for tools at the flea market and on ebay. $300 is a lot of money.

    • Hi Rick.

      Yes I understand about people’s dislike of expletives, but I thought there was a long build up to them, and by the time they arrived I’d been laughing quite a lot, but I do agree $300 dollars is a lot of money (but doesn’t sound as bad in £s!)

      PS Most of my hand-carved wooden spoons cost £18, but you can by cheaper ones for £2 – I think £2 is a lot of money – for kindling.

  2. I understand people’s objection to the cursing, the message is clear, we have barely a handful of toolmakers left here in the UK because people don’t see the value in what they are buying only the price. Very rarely have I bought a top end tool that didn’t do it’s job and the ones that didn’t were dealt with professionally by the companies I had got them from.
    It is frustrating for people who like working with wood but just can’t afford the top end and therefore struggle to make do with cheaper options that don’t perform well.
    The other point is speaking from the UK is the amount of stores selling rubbish out there by salespeople who know nothing about the tools they are selling therefore filling people’s sheds up with crap and the more people buy the more that is made and on it goes.
    Sorry about the rant but the economics of it all is pretty basic.

  3. Don’t worry about the swearing. That was hilarious. Thanks for that.

  4. Fabulous find Richard! On the swearing, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to vent like that sometimes without all the recrimination afterwards? I have a rule not to buy the cheapest product, unless you know it has been undervalued. There’s a good reason why it is so cheap, but I’ve been visiting our car-boot sale for months now, some cheap things i bought will take many hours to make usable, but that is rewarding in itself. I picked up a lovely working chest drill for £1 two weeks ago. How much are they on ebay?

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