Hot or what?

So hot today the cattle on Silsden Moor were cooling off in the flood water left over from two weeks ago! Crazy weather, but I suppose the English weather is a bit like that – it was no more than about 9 centigrade at Otley Show on Saturday, but today it’s been about 24.  Very hot and sweaty for hewing oak into a storyteller’s chair.  Here is the progress so far:

Today I hewed some arm rests and turned three finials so my hands are black as the fire back again.  I’m aiming to get most of the parts finished in the trailer/workshop and then the kids at the commissioning school can help to put it together on Saturday.  Tomorrow I need to turn another riser for the second arm-rest and make 8 one inch x 6 inch oak pegs and cut the bottom two back boards to size.  The style is inspired by the 16th century great chairs, but of course is nothing like one!

2 thoughts on “Hot or what?

  1. Hi there Richard – the ‘lady’ in the blue denim skirt here! Just wanted to say thank you so very much for talking to us (me and my sis) this afternoon. Even though you were hard at work, you didn’t make us feel as if we’d bothered you or hindered you in any way and we found what you told us very interesting indeed. I will leave my garden seat au natural as homage to you!!!!!! I can’t wait for the Chelsea flower show on TV to finish so that my sis can then log on to your site to see the surprise awaiting her. Once again, thank you so much for your patience in talking to us and answering our many questions. Long may you do what you do well!!

    Kindest regards

    • Hi Rita!

      I enjoyed the conversation. Hope you like the photos – I’m only an amateur!
      Long may English wood regenerate.


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