1 thought on “Rainy weather

  1. Hubby and I went out for a drive last Sunday (me with camera) to see for ourselves some of the flooding. We were particularly interested in the fields on the left hand side of the road heading towards Skipton from Keighley, as these fields are left to flood to help the water table (or so we’ve been told). As we drove past we thought it strange that the fields didn’t contain more water than they usually do. It was not until I mentioned it to my brother-in-law that I found out a couple of years ago the River Aire(or is it the Wharfe?) had work done on it to remove silt etc (must have been a heck of a lot!!) therefore the fields don’t flood as badly as in times past. It was still an enjoyable drive because we found a lovely little place to eat lunch in Weston, near Otley (Cock Pit Farm) – so all in all an interesting drive.

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