A bit of rain and a new chestnut table

I’ve been working on a new small table today.

It was warm and sunny first thing but gradually rumblings started in the heavens and then they opened

It really was coming down in stair rods as we like to say when the drizzle is a bit thick

Anyway, I didn’t get wet, but the table I’d gled up and put in the sun to dry off did get damp, before i moved it back under cover.  Unfortunately this created some black staining as I started tooling the surface.

This is the combination of moisture, steel and the tannin in chestnut wood.  Never mind, it’ll probably be sunny tomorrow and I can finish it off.


5 thoughts on “A bit of rain and a new chestnut table

  1. Richard, are the legs Chestnut, too? They look more diffuse/porous.. I really like the curved line of the leg following the grain.

    • Yes, well spotted. Sorry I was a bit unclear. The legs are in fact English Yew. When I split the log it made these four rather unusual pieces. I’ve just draw-knived them to shape and added an inch tenon. I’ve finished the table today, watch out for a picture soon.

  2. Thank you Richard, that tool looks similar to a tool used to clean horses hooves, just yours has a long handle. I really like the look you create with it, I am going to make one and do a little practicing on some slabs.

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