Last week (seems like at least a se’night ago) I attended another course (well it is holidays season).  It was held in Edale, Derbyshire as a conjunct to Spoonfest, organised by Robin Wood and tutored by Jarrod Stone Dahl.

We were making and learning to use a knife used in North America by various native tribes living in the Eastern states.  It is called the mocotaugan and is alien to the shores of Albion as it is used held in the inside knuckles palm up, thusly:

The mocotaugan has a whole battery of myth and legend surrounding it, but it is also a very useful tool, so we were all tool-makers for three days (OK, 2 days, I managed to miss the first day, but caught up).

Jarrod had provided the steel (O1) blanks roughed out, so the first job was to file them into shape and then take the edge back to flat to avoid burning it in the forge.  Then it was up to Robin’s workshop to do the hot stuff.

O it’s getting late and I have a course to run tomorrow so I’m going to let the pictures do most of the speaking:

Jarrod explaining the simple blacksmithing techniques required.

Robin’s propane gas forge, based on a farrier’s set up.

Bending the tip.

Duly bent.

Heat treatment – quenching in spent chip fat.

Alternative tang as used in the old-fashioned-days.  Requires an open dovetail and binding.

The examples, some experimental, brought along by Jarrod.

My knife fixed in the elm handle.

This is how it’s used.

The class’ set of new knives.

Great course, good folks, great and gentle teacher.