What’s my mallet?

Well strictly speaking a maul:

I use this one for splitting rocks with wooden wedges.

And by the way, that old axe was known as a “long axe”, and it became obsolete in the mid 19th century, blimey, no wonder, it was used as a felling axe!  Apparently it was good for undercutting a deep gob in the front of the tree because of its length.  Ah those were the bad old days when men were men, and died young, many in their traces.

It was good to get the answer from Tom who’d looked the monster axe up in Salaman, R. A’s Dictionary of tools used in the woodworking and allied trades.  Some of these instruments of torture were 15 inches long!  They were superseded by those designed by the sensible US guys (well OK, probably Sheffield guys who got lost going home from the pub and landed up in Pittsburgh) who balanced the blade with a poll at the back, and put fat cheeks on to make it easier to withdraw from a cut, a bit like stone-age axes in fact.  Takes a long time for ideas to catch on sometimes, eh?

Mellon Arena in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Mellon Arena in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Bishops' House,Norton Lees, Sheffield

English: Bishops’ House,Norton Lees, Sheffield (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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