Three elms, beeches and a sycamore with its pals.

The autumns in the UK are not very consistent from the quality of leaf colour perspective.  We get autumns sometimes that are just damp and dull and dreary.  But not this year, oh no!  On our lunchtime walk today, Theo and I noticed that all the little elms (God bless their short lives) have turned yellow – have a look at these three:

autumn elm



This autumn is a real pleasure, I’d love to just drive around the Dales delivering logs and gawp at the stands of beech, sycamore, and even ash this year all shining out through the dull afternoons like fire.

Good by t’Wharfe too:

So many leaves – where do they all go to?  Still some greenery about though in the alders and ferns:

Sometimes it feel;s a bit like a cool rainforest round Strid Wood, so damp.

And I’ve spotted some cheeky little fungi (as yet unidentified) growing from sycamore bark like tiny fairy gardens or summat:


What the hell here’s another gratuitous autumnal picture:


It’s not New England, but sure beats a lousy, wet, grey Autumn (or Summer for that matter!)