Life in the bodgery has been pretty brisk this last week or so.  Lots of frost, topped off the last couple of days by freezing fog:

DSCF1139Makes it easy to see where all the oak trees are with their curly branches

DSCF1139Even the backwaters of the River Wharfe started to freeze up.

Some pretty blue skies and cobwebs:
I’m still rather busy in the run up to Christmas with courses every weekend making woodland animals etc and orders to be fulfilled for anything from side tables to recorder stands.


Even better orders are now rolling in for what is usually my dead sales period in January and February, including one of my favourites; another ladder.

In and among I managed to find a few minutes to make this spatula in spalted alder.

DSCF1159Ah well, day off today so better get going.  Hurdles to deliver, Gus’ table above to finish off, shopping.  Sending out bowls and treen.  Make lunch for tomorrow’s course.  Fix the outside light again.  Make a meal for tomorrow’s Dales Jam gig and Jacob’s Join (pot luck) supper.

Potluck Luncheon

Potluck Luncheon (Photo credit: Tobyotter)

And at last it’s raining again, so after a couple of hours of total glaze over as the rain freezes we should be back to the normal dank, dark England. Hurray!

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  1. You write a fine blog and intersperse it with thoughtful images. I am also highly envious of the British countryside at this (and any) time of year.

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