OK I know it’s much colder in some parts of the world (even parts of the UK, apparently) but it is a bit fresh round here this week.
SAMSUNG CSCThe Land Rover is rather like an icebox, so putting on gloves that have been in it overnight (Why not take them indoors? – Ed.) makes hands colder rather than warmer.  Here’s the opening for baler band.  As above yet another of the millions of uses to which it can be put, hanging gauntlets on the bodgery flue to warm them up a bit.

Theo came to work on Tuesday fired up for making a bird seed feeder he’d found in an old RSPB book.  We made it together, one each, and I found it quite a good way to help him along.  I think this is a good way apprenticeship should work (he’s not my apprentice by the way). I can point out my mistakes before he gets to them and he can make adjustments to the way he’s going about his version.  We had a little review at the end and discussed what might be done differently next time.  The outcome is thus.

SAMSUNG CSCDouble re-cyclement, an used jam jar, mine might be a pickle jar actually, and an old bike inner tube.  The lil birds seemed to get the idea straight away.  Must get an action shot.

Disaster struck yesterday –

SAMSUNG CSCMy faithful old potato oven sprang a leak.  Never mind, I’ll be able to re-cycle the lid.

Off felling now, not due to get above freezing today.

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  1. Tell us more about the Potato Oven, please.

    How’s it made, how does it work? Looks like a fun mini-project, and Google was not a lot of help.

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