Working methods

I don’t work like this but some people probably should (YOU – Ed.) It’s 20 minutes, but a good watch on your day off when you can’t get out for yet another 7 inches of snow.

Not sure about bullet # VIII Knolling, my bench isn’t very big.  Also it’s not entirely square, nor is t’workshop, and Strid Wood no way is square … man.

2 thoughts on “Working methods

  1. I quite like knolling. It’s a way of tidying the mind before you start…
    Being creative with items and rules is the way you dispose of unnecessary red-tape and outdated habits.
    The cyclist’s Lance Armstrong comment may now be inappropriate!

  2. I like them …ALOT. I am going to borrow a few for my shop. The ones re: follow the code, working as though you are on the clock and knolling have an application.

    I did note that the list on the front was different from the 10 presented. What happened to RESET or is that a part of knolling?

    I also very much liked the security & defense system that you had hanging near the front door! I am going to install one as soon as the season begins and I can get one cheap.

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