Two stools

Coppicing, felling, tushing (pretending to be a horse dragging timber rideside) trying to do a little woodwork.  Today it was coppicing.  Finally finished off the monster stool – it’s about 4 foot across, and severely overgrown.  Nothing else was growing within the spread of its massive (for hazel) canopy.  But after four visits its all down:

SAMSUNG CSCI should have taken a picture of the huge pile of wood we got from it.  ‘All’ that’s left to do now is to get it down to this level:


SAMSUNG CSCA neighbouring, smaller stool we took down in one today, thanks David!




4 thoughts on “Two stools

  1. I love the terms you Brits use that I’m unfamiliar with, as in “stool” for the small cluster of stumps.

    • Well, this coppice hasn’t been cut for over 50 years, so they are between 50 years old and whenever they seeded if later. I’ve not counted the growth rings.

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