Project space backwards

So, this is it:

SAMSUNG CSCA bodgery enlargement (not an extension, it sits on the same footprint).  The mystery frame from my last post has created a back wall, where the back section of what is now the roof tarp. formerly was pegged to the ground.  This produces an additional prism of space inside:

SAMSUNG CSCThe back of the shelter used to be very low and dark, and made it tricky to find tools in my workbags (all tools go home and into the garage at home at night).  It also became an inaccessible dumping ground for odds and ends and ‘things that might come in’ (but mostly didn’t and are now firewood).  Tall people had to contend with impromptu tarp-styled hairdos.

The steaming cabinet for a start is taking up much less room standing on its end.  I can now fantasise about what to use the extra space for.  Maybe an inside dining area with a fold-away rustic dining table in three timbers.  Office or counting house.  Smoking room.  Draughting office.  Tool store (already rejected that – too risky).

It looks strange, almost alien at the moment with its dead leaf carpet, I’m used to deep shavings:


While we were charging the charcoal kiln yesterday we were pleased to see a pair of curlews heading upstream making their plaintive cries.  It began to feel like Spring, especially with a rise in temperature and sunshine.  The estate tithe barn looked very mellow.


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    • Hi Tico!
      It’s always amazing to come across all those ‘separated by a common language’ differences. A tithe barn is where the church formerly stored it’s tenth part taxes on people. The taxes were in kind, so they needed premises to store the corn/hay etc. The barn in the picture is known as the Bolton Abbey Great Tithe Barn, I understand survives from monastic times pretty large, old and handsome. Apparently there were once two of them.

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