Memory box

The memory box I’ve been working on for some time is now just about finished.




It is really a joinery item, and as such tried my skills to their limits, and probably increased them.

Dare I mention biscuits?  Number 12 brass screws.  However, following Peter Folansbee’s excellent description I managed to make a successful wooden pintle hinge   The hinges and handles are in oak, the body is chestnut and the floor is pine.

2 thoughts on “Memory box

  1. beautiful! the texture is just incredible, made for fondling. must have taken an age. did you have any problem with the chestnut staining purple?

    • Hi Martin. Yes chestnut does stain very easily when wet and in contact with iron. Same with oak. I did get some staining, but I had to make sure the timber was pretty dry before the build, so by the time it was assembled and ready for the tooling finish there was not a big problem. A little reworking for the odd patch that appeared.

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