Riving, hewing and speed planing green oak

SAMSUNG CSCA little Spring fog yesterday morning in the forestry yard, lighting the charcoal kiln was the main cause.

I’m progressing with the shepherd’s chair, with more splitting out of components, I found the felled beech tree at the back of the workshop had a handy accidental cleaving brake:


Some very handsome-looking sections have come out of the half butt I’ve been working with:


In fact there’s hardly anything left now but hewn sapwood and bark:


I have also been making the pegs for jointing, here is a sample.

SAMSUNG CSCI’ve done a lot of shaving making too, using three four planes: an adapted scrub plane, a rough jointer, a fine jointer with a very narrow mouth and a little smoothing plane.  All wooden, very easy on the hands and good to use now I’ve finally mastered sharpening and setting, and the old trick of beeswax on the sole (thanks David).  Lovely green oak shavings all over the bodgery, the odour is incredible.

SAMSUNG CSCI’m getting to be quite a speed king on the planing just watch the shavings fly on this little video.

(Did I notice you nearly falling over at 2:15? – Ed)

So Now I have all the components worked up for the base of the chair prior to jointing.  Here are the two back legs and the back rail.  Remember I want this to stay upright by keeping lots of weight in the base.

SAMSUNG CSCSo first thing tomorrow I’ll be jointing these three together with mortice and tenons.  Then, when it stops raining, the worst job I do – bagging charcoal.

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  1. Nice planing!

    (Interesting to see you using a little stick to clear the throat of the plane – I find a wooden lolly stick pared down even thinner is handy for this.)

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