Two legged chair

Well, it will be six-legged by next Wednesday!

This is what it looks like today:

I’ve been working on the back today, between getting stuff ready for Otley Show etc. The two ‘horns’ on the ends of the crest rail will be removed after final assembly, they are just there so I can whack the thing together/apart. It now fits together, so I’ve drilled the 5/16ths holes in the crest rail, but not in the tenon yet, as they will be draw-bored.  That is, the hole through the mortice marked onto the tenon and then offset and the hole drilled a might closer to the tenon shoulders to pull the joint together, pure 15th century magic.

I had fun setting out the outline of the top.  The middle section I drew as two overlapping arcs to get an interesting shape.

Then I drew in the curves above the top of the stiles. Good what can be done with a pencil and a piece of string, eh?
The crest rail’s chamfer and lambs tongues (merp!) are marked out but will be cut in situ at Hawes next week when I assemble the whole thing including hammering in pegs, cursing, adjusting, wishing I’d done some things differently, growling, chatting with the public, and hopefully finally relaxing in said shepherds chair (Didn’t appreciate you were a shepherd as well as all the other stuff I notice – Ed. I’m not – FS)

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