Grain ark


Here is the only original piece of furniture which came to The National Trust along with East Riddlesden Hall.


It is an ark used for the storage of grain.  Apparently there were six of these at the hall as it had a long agricultural history.  This one is very unusual in that the construction is entirely of  through wedged mortise and tenon joints.  This enables the whole thing to be dismantled ‘for washing and scrubbing down’. It is rather large, so I wonder whether it was stored dismantled.

There is just a little decoration on it:


The pattern looks to me as though it would be better the other way up. But looking along this frieze there’s been a repair …


Which way up do you think looks right? And why the heck did the repairer get it upside down?

More detail …


Needs a better shot of the end as there is a little more fancy work.

Meanwhile, back in the orchard, my apiary is still awaiting bees:

SAMSUNG CSCAnd always at my back I hear,

Time’s wingéd chariot hurrying near…

Summer’s passing on:


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