Mortise and tenons

The storyteller’s throne is beginning to take a recognisable shape.

SAMSUNG CSCAt the moment it must weigh about an hundredweight, but the crest rail is way oversize and will be thinned and shaped to ape the ERH shepherd’s chair crest.  It has a very worn  effect to the middle of the shaping and I’m unable to suggest any reason why this section of the top of a chair should be so worn. it’s the centre section – no photo from the front where it’s more obvious – a mystery to me:


I’ve made 4 and two half mortise and tenon joints, and realised that I can half the time of making, following Peter Folansbee’s method with joined stools.  There’s no need to make side shoulders on the tenon – just the front and back.  The next 14  M&Ts should be much quicker, and a neater fit.  Funny how you can read a book several times and miss such an obvious method.

I’m using this chisel which is really good for scraping out the loose shavings, and tidying the corners in the mortises.

SAMSUNG CSCI originally acquired it to use as a rat tail for making captive rings n the pole lathe, but never got around to it.  Now I know it’s real use I can see that the handle must be a replacement as there’s no way it should be struck!

I’m also using this handy shoulder plane for tidying up the tenons.  Quite good for final adjustments.



Rather warm here still, but on Monday evening we took to the cool of the canal on two narrow boats for our Dales Jam band rehearsal and had a jacob’s join meal moored near Bradley.  Here’s our boss conducting from the drums:

DJ boat trip IMG_5212

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