Peter Folansbee has a book stand in his workshop.  I didn’t spot it when I visited last year, and I expect it is now packed away awaiting its new home.  Peter wrote these posts about making it, there is also an entertaining (as ever) program on the Woodwright’s Shop.

So, having a growing collection of large books on oak furniture I decided I would make one too.  It’s just about all turned work:



I made the acorn-ended horizontal members and dried them at home along with the two back stays, or the stay and the ratchet.  The stiles were turned and drilled green, and then I found my estimation of sizing had gone awry:



I’d made the ratchet base too short so had to turn another and dry it before the stiles dried too much.  I guess Peter must work from photographs quite a bit and so estimating sizes is a useful skill.  I used this picture of Peter’s post.

I have a copy of Early British Chars and Seats (good pictures) so I could do some sizing using that.  It turned out OK:

SAMSUNG CSCBut now I’d like to make a scaled down version, or maybe a hinged Roubo version.

Back at the workshop the sun came back yesterday!



But we’re not out of Winter yet, so it’s logging today.  Many more fires to be lit before Spring.  May even make a little hazel charcoal for a spot of forging in David’s new hearth.  Phil Gregson reckons it burns hot.


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