Pictures of an English Winter

SAMSUNG CSCWe’re having a rather typical English Winter, wet and cold, not much snow at all, or even frost.  Rather grey, so when the sun shines through the trees covered in raindrops, it looks rather pretty.

All the rain makes the river run high and as it washes away the sand the early Spring plants show through, rather too early.


These are butterburrs which will be in their ‘other planet’ bloom in a couple of months time.  The snow drops are much more seasonal.  I reckon these get washed down into the wood fron gardens upstream.

SAMSUNG CSCAll this moist atmosphere makes for much moss and ferns.


This one looks almost humanoid.

SAMSUNG CSCHere’s some sycamore (acer pseudoplatanus) I’m making into a duck bowl, hopefully.

SAMSUNG CSCIt has an interesting orange hue in the more mature inner wood, not sure if it will stay longer term.

SAMSUNG CSCHere’s some work in hand.

SAMSUNG CSCOn Thursday (my Friday) after above photo was taken,  I discovered that a spoon neck gouge is rather better than a knife or a drawknife for the tricky shaping of the neck and tail transitions where the grain direction is rather like the transition between the handle and bowl when carving a spoon except a much bigger area and challenge.  Watch this space.

Quack, quack.  As the lady mallard ducks have started repetitively calling around here.





5 thoughts on “Pictures of an English Winter

  1. Nice shots Richard-thanks for sharing. It’s good to see bare ground and snowdrops somewhere in the temperate zone. They’re calling for another foot or so of snow on this side!

    • Hi Rick, thanks for the complement. I watch the weather over your side as my son Will lives in Brooklyn. Sure looks frostly cold the next few days your side.

  2. Thanks for sharing with us. I would like to see your part of the world some day.

    My wife and I are watching the BBC Farm series. First we watched Victorian Farm, and now we are watching Edwardian Farm. We kind of chuckled when they keep talking about having some of the worst harsh winters in history when filming the show and it is not even cold enough to be snowing.

    Being from Alaska that is spring weather to us. LOL Now we live in in the lower 48, but still we got 18 inches of snow yesterday. I think that the wet cold without snow or sun is kind of depressing. That is one thing I really noticed on those shows is that it is always cloudy. I didn’t realize the sun rarely comes up there. I feel for you guys over there.

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