I’ve been on the radio in my absence:

SAMSUNG CSCThis is my 1 minute 30 seconds of fame on Clare Balding‘s BBC Radio program Ramblings (This link may not work for those outside the UK).  It is a series in which Clare walks through the countryside discussing a wide range of topics with people accompanying her.

What I’ve really been doing, while I was under the tarp is this:

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCFixing the back splats into the oak garden bench for customers in Morayshire.  This is rather fiddly I fit the two outside ones first to get the line across the bench seat.  Then drill the 1 inch holes in the seat.  The splats are test fitted to mark where they will meet the crest rail and I work out the angles under the rail and copy them with a sliding bevel.  The most exciting part is fitting 9 round tenons into the mortices at the same time.  As you can see, in order to cramp the rail on I need to first cramp on V blocks so the sash cramp will seat properly.  I only run to one sash cramp (I don’t make many sash windows!) so I use a Spanish windlass to hold the opposite end down while I gently coax the splats into position.

The job for today is fitting the arms, and then I just need to level up the legs on the trailer bed, the only proper flat surface around.

Always at my back I hear,
Autumn’s wingèd chariot hurrying near.


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    • Oh Rick, I’m sure they don’t weigh that much – ok, well maybe a couple o’stones.

      Thought I’d ask Clare round to do a course and let her find out what good value £30 is, mind you it’s gone up to £35 since we’ve retained Scotland (they’re rich you know!).

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