Been to London


Show bench at The Apothecaries Hall, Blackfriars Lane, the oldest Livery Hall in the city of London.

The stools at left were 1st 2nd and 3rd.  Personally, I thought my stool would stand being thrown across a bar room in a drunken fight better than any of the others and therefore should have won.

SAMSUNG CSCBut then the judge wasn’t taken by the hewn finish and peg ends when he turned it upside down (presumably in readiness to throw at someone).  Really – it was a “turning” competition, I thought the best thrown stool would be the winner. Doh!

Here’s a photo immediately after that nerve-racking pegging of the seat onto the legs.

SAMSUNG CSC(Hand done that moulding tha knaws.)

But then it’s a funny place is London (not much like Manchester):

SAMSUNG CSCMore like a streetful of books one might be forgiven for thinking:

SAMSUNG CSCVisited the Sir John Soane’s Museum in Lincolns Inn Fields and saw again Hogarth‘s paintings for A Rake’s Progress.  I’m reading an excellent biography of Wm. Hogarth by Jenny Uglow.  I seem to be getting deeper and deeper into history.  In many ways there was a lot wrong with the olden days, and the behaviour of some members of the ‘upper’ classes was a case in point.  Mr William found it so and did not hesitate to pillory them, as did Balzac a little later and in a different country – I’m listening to Le Père Goriot (in English) downloaded from Librivox, which seems to be on the same problem, but if anything more bitter about it.  Never mind, next up should be some Henry Fielding – more fun.

We also visited the Dulwich Picture Gallery, some fabulous paintings in there, and some extraordinary furniture too.  The curtilage has some great trees, here’s a mulberry pollard.

SAMSUNG CSCOn the way back home we called in at Canons Ashby and saw this magnificent cedar of Lebanon, planted 1780:

SAMSUNG CSCIt is a fine garden and the Elizabethan manor house is pretty respectable too.  We came across a sad memorial to a shepherd lad.  The story goes a group of Roundheads were sheltering in the house when Cavaliers approached, the shepherd blew his flute in warning and was killed during the resulting skirmish.

SAMSUNG CSCIn the driveway we met these two box green men chatting to each other.

SAMSUNG CSCMeanwhile … back at the bodgery … I’ve been making a ladder, amongst other things, here’s the first split of the stiles.


5 thoughts on “Been to London

  1. The gents hanging about Apothecaries Hall don’t appear to have been in any barroom brawls for at least a good half century. We’ll just have to forgive them. But, a splendid stool, and another great trip around your wonderful countryside.

  2. “The joint stool was structurally superior () and far more resistant to the rough usage to which such easily moveable seats were subjected, especially in taverns, when they were hurled about during drunken brawls”. Clearly the judge was ignorant of the enhanced multifunctionality of your stool over the one’s which won prizes; suitable only for a lady’s boudoir.

  3. Your stool is an excellent piece of art as well as a very useable seat. That jury has failed to see the perfect combination between aesthetic and purpose, the combination of the destination and the journey, the balance between what’s needed and what’s wanted.
    I personnally vote for your stool.

  4. That is a great stool indeed. I did a rectangular joint stool out of oak and cherry a while back. Great fun to do. I didn’t use any glue in mine, just drawbored mortise and tenon joints. Rock solid. Weapon of choice in a bar brawl for sure.

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