And another log store

SAMSUNG CSCThese log stores are becoming rather popular – this is my third this year.  A snip at £160!

Here is the one I made earlier for my brother-in-law fully loaded – two off 1 ton builder’s bags.

store1JPGI’m beginning to feel a little Christmassy (not a real word but it’s nearly Advent)  – orders for deer and makers’ courses coming in, large, sawn off Christmas trees with golden stars atop appearing down by the Cavendish Pavilion strapped to stakes, a sprig of holly has appeared in my bodgery, and the annual thank you to Skelton Grange TCV volunteers coming up next month with deer making workshops.

I have an idea for a few posts over the 12 days of Christmas, entitled “Anatomy of a Forester”, to do this and keep you entertained I will be drafting the posts before Christmas and releasing them daily leading up to Twelfth Day when the Lord of Misrule takes over – watch this space!

2 thoughts on “And another log store

  1. Do you not mind rain water running off onto the wall? I have the roof of my log store pitched the otherway so it drips onto the paving away from the house.

    • Hi Vincent. Sloping away from the wall would be my choice for sure. It is sloping the way it is to match the store next to it. I left an inch gap to let the rainwater run away, it’s also in the lee of the prevailing wind.

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