Anatomy of a forester, Day 4


I was never a member of parliament, anyone who wishes to be a member of parliament should be automatically disallowed from standing for election. (That is not why I never sat in The House).  I’m with Groucho Marx here (he of the burnt-cork mustache & eyebrows).

At 5m:49s

I was a member of a grammar school (Although on occasions you would not believe it – Ed) and a comprehensive school. It changed over whilst I was there, well it already had a bit of an identity problem, it used to be called Keighley Boys Grammar School, but that was mostly burnt down in 1962


It was easier getting to school when snowy as there were less horses and carts on High Street.



Memory Lane 1 NovemberAfter:

Mechanicsafter Relocated to Oakworth in 1964 into a new building, KBGS took the name Keighley School (Don’t fall behind here, there were other schools in Keighley).  I started attending when it was six months old.  Four years later, following a national trend it became a comprehensive school (open to all sexes and intelligences), and at the same time renamed itself Oakbank Grammar School – no kidding!

This is what it looks like today (it was about half that size when I attended):

oakbank-school-airOver to the far right of the campus is what used to be the Sixth Form Common Room, built while I attended.  We were, incredibly, allowed to smoke in there.  Surely the health risks were known at that time (1970)!  Mad times, decimalisation, Britain’s new membership of the then Common Market.  I suppose we’d already started smoking shortly before – in the Dutch Barn – ironically a sports facility which looks to have been built over in the latest photo.

I’ve been a member of various organisations over the years, but now only four – all woody – see tomorrow.

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