Anatomy of a forester, Day 5

Woody organisations.

While I became a member of the human race at birth (or possibly before), my memberships are now few, but useful to my current job.

The Regional Furniture Society

People with deep understanding of, among other styles, English vernacular furniture.

Dales Jam

A local Skipton/Settle community band in which I play clarinet badly, fortunately most other members play their instruments better than I do.

The Heritage Crafts Society

Promoting and championing people who make things with their hands (and I’m not including computer programmers).

Coppice Association North West

Name says it all really.

The Association of Green Woodworkers and Pole Lathe Turners, AKA The Bodgers.

The association with the longest title I’ve ever had to repeat to interested parties.

Some societies I regret not being a member of, but there’s still time:

The Society of Friends

William Penn, English member of the Society of Friends, popularly known as Quakers, 1837.Getty Images.

If ’twere possible for all the world to belong to this society, I think the world would be a better place.

  • You can believe in an afterlife, or not.
  • No leaders or preachers.
  • Silence
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Inclusion
  • No shared form of words or ritual
  • Unity with each other and strength to act for justice, peace and truth
  • What is right; not what is expedient.
  •        Courage and conviction not to seek submission to incipient evil.
  •        Peace and brotherhood among nations; not war and preparations for war.
  •        Good taste and simplicity; not dead conformity and display.
  •        Fair and honest dealings; not injustice and avarice.
  •        Broad cultured minds; not selfish intellectualism and coldness.
  •        Wise aid to those in need; not demoralizing charity.
  •        Inward revelation of truth; not dogmatic theology. (Thanks to the article below: “Society of friends Mystery Worship” for these last 7)

Mind you, I’m struggling with the divine presence.

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