Anatomy of a forester, Day 6

Bill Evans extraordinary musical genius, slave and victim (1980) to class A drugs.


Jazz has a hold on me.  I think of it as being the vernacular sitting alongside the classical.

If you never dibbed your toes in, now’s the time to try it out.

Bill in brief

Way in: “The studio album Everybody Digs. Peace Piece (which starts at 26m 50s ) is one of the simplest jazz tracks ever, a thing of extraordinary beauty: same theme all the way through, a series of soft chords in the left hand with the gentlest improvisation in the right.”

If you don’t believe me, read the notes on the sleeve. E.g. “I’ve sure learned a lot from Bill Evans.  He plays the piano the way it should be played.” – Miles Davis.

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  1. I understand that bill was plagued with insecurity and they titled the album and added all the accolades to build him up. Sad really. Bill Evans was a genius.

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