Anatomy of a forester, Day 7


In search of culinary kelp.SAMSUNG CSCWhat’s wrong with this picture?

SAMSUNG CSCNot all things beautiful and crafty are in wood.

SAMSUNG CSCSee that little white cottage at the far right? Sitting on the seawall top:


Obviously a problem with the foundations if this lot of sack concrete had to be laid down.

Well, guess what it’s roofed with?

SAMSUNG CSCYup, straw – it’s thatched justabout.  Looked to us as though stormy seas might send waves crashing down the chimney, although the bay is pretty sheltered.

Here’s how you get to it:

SAMSUNG CSCThe vehicular road stops quite a bit short of many houses in this quaint village by the sea.  And there was no sign of donkeys, nor mules to bring in your stuff for the holidays.  About half the cottages are for holiday use.

Meanwhile …

SAMSUNG CSC… a couple of miles further North. Another, still justabout operational fishing village:

SAMSUNG CSCHow pretty …

SAMSUNG CSCWhere am I? East or West coast, of which county?

4 thoughts on “Anatomy of a forester, Day 7

  1. Runswick Bay, Port Mulgrave, East coast of Yorkshire. Spent a fair amount of time scrabbling round those cliffs and beaches as a nipper. There’s the fossilised remains of some giant sea monster in the rock pools, across the bay at Kettleness.

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