Anatomy of a forester, Day 9

Friday is brewing day, you must know the rhyme:

Monday’s washing day,
Tuesday soooup,
Wednesday’s aroastabiff,
Thursday’s shepherds’ pie,
Friday fish,
Saturday is pay day,Sunday’s church …

Is everey body ‘appy? You bet your life we are.

Recorded by The Scaffold in May 1966

But seriously, who has roast beef on Wednesday?  Must be:
Every day of the week or;Sunday or;


Loads of points if you can tell me where this was taken. Clue – Northern Hemisphere.

Definitely fish on Fridays though, and with good reason.  On Fridays George from Fleetwood sets up his stall in Caroline Square in Skipton selling fresh fish, I am a regular visitor.  George

If I am what I eat then … I must have eaten about …

3233 fishes, if you include the about 2,400 mussels, lots of fish and fernerks, some whitebait, mebbe some 50 salmon, an Arctic char, a very small quantity of eel (smoked), my share of these:



6236 loaves, including about 520 home-baked sourdough ones


and around 8,032 pints of home-brewed beer and mebbe as many commercial ‘beerpints’.  Cases of whisky, wine, no wild women, mind.

I’ve eaten frogs legs, shark, innumerable insects, I expect.  Goosnargh cakes, Blackpool rock, a few stones of Yorkshire pudding, Paris buns, Eccles cakes, Pontefract cakes, London Gin, Stilton, Melton Mowbray pies, Aran Pilot potatoes,

Mmmm indeed, but don’t eat the seed potatoes. Ed.

Mmmmmmmm – potatoes … my favourite … must be nearly teatime ….

4 thoughts on “Anatomy of a forester, Day 9

  1. Happy New Year Richard ! What a fascinating anatomical review – we love it 😀

    A wild guess … Provincetown Harbour, Massachusetts, U S of A ?

    • Great!

      You’re on the right track Mark, definietly the right hemisphere 😉 Answer appears tomorrow.

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