Can you make me a …..

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is when I get a request like this, which I find when I come into work:


New on old

What could be better than giving new life to old tools.  The finished ones on the left are 50 years old I’m told, they had no handles when they arrived.  They will make a good set when completed.

I was at Harlow Carr RHS garden at Harrowgate (as we wickedly insist on calling Harrogate in Bolton Abbey) last weekend.  Lovely garden, a handful of other craftspeople and an apple and fungi display and identification service amongst other stuff that it’s hard to get to see when I’m working.

However, I did get plenty of opportunity to chat with my neighbour at the show, Owen Jones MBE.  What a good chap he is.  Showed me how to cut his spatulas with the drawknife.  He takes 6 minutes.  His at left, my first poor effort at right.  I’ll be working on this.




2 thoughts on “Can you make me a …..

  1. Richard,
    I have a similar need for my Stainless hand fork and trowel and wondered how you secure the handle on a flush ended un-tapered shaft?

    Any guidance appreciated, thank you


    • Tricky to advise you without seeing them Angus, but I would consider running the handles right through the socket and wedging the end of the shaft so it would be too big to come out. A hole and screw would be better, but stainless steel can be hard stuff to drill.

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