I’ve been making paint

IMG_0387I’ve not had a lot any success with home-made paint before. But I think I’ve cracked it this time.  Started with some brick red.


Heavy computer case man.

I made it with water, lime pigment and a little linseed (flax) oil.  It took a while to dry and then was powdery, so I sealed it with a couple of coats of finishing oil.

Had another go today.


Looks even heavier in black. (I’m surprised at that knife stuck in by its tip, a wet handle is hardly a sufficient excuse. – Ed)

This is mostly charcoal & raw linseed oil with a little red to get some lime in as I forgot to take it to the woods. I then started wondering, how about using it to get an antique finish?

IMG_0384This is a little test panel I made in early days of green oak decoration.

I wonder …

07267008_2Dare I, should I?

Made some spatulas after Owen Jones pattern:


Owen’s at left.


One good apple in the barrel …

We’ve been to RHS Wisley garden too.  The orchard was grrreat, good job I had an healthy appetite.


One of many, many varieties.

They had some good oak benches too.


Proper bench.

Made by these chaps.


Maker’s mark.

Soon be Christmas.

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