When a tree falls in the forest …


SAMSUNG CSCHave you seen this tree before?

It was rather windy and wet this Sunday at the end of November.  I had a course for a couple of people from Manchester, who went home happy with their fox and badger:


The River Wharfe‘s in spate.

My workshop is almost in the bottom of a steep little valley, or ghyll as we call ’em round here, it is therefore very well sheltered from the Westerly winds, but there was even a breeze coming right into the bottom and blowing the smaok from my fire around rather a lot, but we’d been keeping dry under the tarp.

I was tidying up and starting to make a couple of deer for a customer when there was an almighty cracking and the sound of a massive tree going down in the wind.  It was at the back where I have no rear view so I ejected out at the front over the fence.  To my dismay a very large bough had been ripped from my favourite oak tree (see above):


One bough missing.

There was still creaking and groaning going on.  The oak was now weakened and seriously unbalanced.  A large hole had appeared in the canopy.  Then …

A corresponding limb on the other side came away.  The oak tree has now lost its good looks:



Very fortunate that nobody was walking along the path where these tons of oak fell.

What a disaster for the many flora and fauna dependent on this tree, there was quite a dust as the airborne debris fell around me.  Some of these:


Twigs, oak apples and lichen.

The Estate have winched the boughs from the path and repaired same.  Anyway, I think I’ll be making a few bowls, from little of the timber, the tree is high up on the bank and the timber is being left as deadwood.



3 thoughts on “When a tree falls in the forest …

  1. Once a spin-off wind from a hurricane traveled up our way and hit just as my wife was ready to turn out of our driveway onto our dirt lane. A blinding wave of rain forced her to brake and the entire crown of a mature elm that was dying of the Dutch Elm Disease fell yards in front of her. It was as near a miss as can be imagined. When the high winds howl I don’t want to be within falling distance of timber!

    • Tico,

      Those trees are dangerous beasts and become loose canons when the wind blows. Sometime even with no wind they drop large pieces. I’m convinced they are just biding their time waiting to get me back. Glad your wife made it OK!

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