What to do in and around Bolton Abbey

Visit Bolton Abbey station and see their collection of oil lamps.

Drive the gated (and metalled) road across the fields to The Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Parlour and try a coffee or ice cream in the Cape Cod style diner.

Go up to Victoria view and enjoy the landscape our grumpy old monarch once viewed and then go down to Embsay for a ride on a steam train.

Stand in the dark in Skipton Castle dungeons and then have a pork pie from Stanforths Celebrated Pork Pie shop.  If it’s Friday go to the bottom end of the High Street and buy some excellent Fleetwood fish from George’s caravan.

Walk to the top of Sharp Haw for an excellent 360 view including the drumlin swarms from the last ice age.  Afterwards relax in The Angel for a meal and glass of local Dark Horse brewery beer.

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