Photographs of a selection of goods recently made.

If you are interested in buying any of them, please complete the order form here and I will be in touch with you with total cost including postage, method of payment etc.
Or email me for more details:

Shrink pots

These are of Viking origin and are an alternative to a coopered vessel. A piece of green (unseasoned) timber is hollowed out into a tube. Then a groove is cut near the bottom to accept the base. A dry timber base is made to fit loosely, then as the tube shrinks it tightens onto the base. Although the fit is close, it is not watertight, but very good for dry goods etc.
Please click here for pictures of the range.
Garlic presses

You use these really simply for first removing the papery skin on a garlic clove, and then to mash the flesh with salt.  No messy cleaning out holes full of garlic mush!

They are made from beautiful spalted beech in Strid Wood on my pole lathe.

They cost £5 plus £2 p&p (by First Class Post Office mail)

Table center pieces

I am currently preparing a selection of table center pieces in various timbers.  They measure about 18 inches by about 10 inches.  I am making them in yew, sycamore and birch.  The boards are 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches thick and mounted on half-inch turned feet.

The picture above shows part of  forest worker’s lunch, you may be able to use them to more advantage on your dining table.

Seasonal woodland deer

Available from my Strid Wood workshop £20 each.


Here are a selection of hand carved bowls on display in Strid Wood.  Their prices vary from £20 to £80, mainly depending on size and the amount of work I’ve put into them.

These are £20 eat or sup bowls carved from alder.  They are facet finished which means you can see the pattern left by each last cut of my knife.

Seed inspired bowl in sycamore, £30.


Four legged stools with beautiful elm seats with swirling grain pattern around £60 each.

These are butter knives.  You can use them to spread anything really; hummus, marg., jam, peanut butter.  £5 a go including postage & packing.

Mini hurdle garden dividers/plant supports in ash £12 each.

Training courses are £120 per day for one to one tuition in my workshop at Strid Wood, Bolton Abbey, N Yorkshire.

More details on my courses page: here.

Course content includes:

introduction to green woodworking and pole lathe turning;

basic knife and axe skills (includes elf carving!);

simple rustic garden dividers and trellises;

make a simple rustic stool;

deer for Christmas workshop;

making charcoal;

custom content can be designed to meet your personal requirements.

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