Today was a good day; I didn’t get a parking ticket for parking on a vacant market lot on the High Street in Skipton, mind you, I’m a market man now though but:

However, it looks as though it might be a good idea to park on the setts lots of times on market day.  The notice says future offences may result in only a fixed penalty.  I wonder how many offences you can have and still get just one penalty.  Perhaps I should write to them.

We are supposed to be having a large silver birch in our garden dismantled tomorrow.   Matthew, the climbing boy, left me a phone message saying that the tree is in a conservation area and that therefore paperwork, inspection etc will be involved.  He’d been informed of this by Craven District Council, funny that, they are the same people who wrote to me in April, telling me that they were not making a tree preservation order on said silver birch, ad therefore I could carry out the felling works.  Not sure why I pay my taxes to pay for people who are so incompetent.

Anyway, it was bright and cold in t’woods today and I put the back together for the final dining chair in the set of 6.  Made a deer, had a chat with a JP, took an order for a bird table (which I may be able to do in chestnut, depending), and sold a broom and two elves.  To cap it all I now also have a disused electricity pole to play with and keep me warm at night.

What a good start to the weekend.  And what’s more I’m making cullen skink for tea with smoaked haddock from George for tea, brill (not the fish!)!