And another log store

SAMSUNG CSCThese log stores are becoming rather popular – this is my third this year.  A snip at £160!

Here is the one I made earlier for my brother-in-law fully loaded – two off 1 ton builder’s bags.

store1JPGI’m beginning to feel a little Christmassy (not a real word but it’s nearly Advent)  – orders for deer and makers’ courses coming in, large, sawn off Christmas trees with golden stars atop appearing down by the Cavendish Pavilion strapped to stakes, a sprig of holly has appeared in my bodgery, and the annual thank you to Skelton Grange TCV volunteers coming up next month with deer making workshops.

I have an idea for a few posts over the 12 days of Christmas, entitled “Anatomy of a Forester”, to do this and keep you entertained I will be drafting the posts before Christmas and releasing them daily leading up to Twelfth Day when the Lord of Misrule takes over – watch this space!

Upgrades and mishtakes


Sunrise reddens a frosty Yorkshire morning

Phew! I can certainly agree with the sentiments expressed by Peter Galbert in a recent post about learning from your mistakes.  I’ve just spent about 4 hours or more upgrading my WordPress blogging software and making a complete hash of it.  (Well some of the earlier attempts are timed at 14:30 yesterday and I finished off at about 7:15am this morning, did get a couple of hours sleep, mind.)

I suppose I knew already that people write instructions to make life easier for me, not just for fun.  I do read instructions, it’s sometimes surprising what you learn.  The instructions I read for this upgrade to a beta version of the software (well a bit more dangerous than that really it is described as “bleeding edge nightlies”.  I mean these guys were not hiding anything.  They also advised doing a backup first (done), and “do not install this on a live site unless you are adventurous”.  Well, sounded like a bit of a challenge really.  I was tempted by the improvements they were crowing about to the media handling, and I post quite a few pictures – have you noticed?


Ah well to cut a long story short I didn’t turn off the plugins, contrary to instructions. I think it may have been caused by making guacamole in mid upload, well it’s slow is FTP but still works, the old-timer, as old, if not older than The Internet itself! This failure to click about three buttons caused chaos and much FTP work uploading files, watching slow progress, deleting files, checking forum posts on the issues.  But finally this morning it was working again, even the plugins, the most important of which dams up the stream of rubbish comments from spammers.

Anyway, just to counter my computerish story, here are some seasonal woody photos:


Stock for customers.


This is an interesting home-made vice or clamp, I can’t decide which.  There are a couple of countersunk screw holes in the back jaw suggesting it has been mounted somewhere.  On the other hand there is no garter to pull the front jaw out when the screws are loosened.  I can’t find it in the excellent Salaman Dictionary of Tools, but I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere – any suggestions?  My brother bought it for me in exchange for a promise to make him a mandrel for remoulding a couple of brace of 18th century pewter tankards he picked up for a song.

The tankards just fit in nicely with my current Land Rover entertainment from Librivox: Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens. The story features The Maypole Inn (based on a real coaching inn in Epping Forest) where I’m sure pots like these must have been drunk from.  Curiously they are assayed as pints but are not modern English pint-sized.  This harks back to before the 1824 Weights and Measures Act which standardised the Imperial Pint across the British Empire at 568 ml whereas formerly the English pint varied and I guess these tankard measures are equivalent to the United States liquid pint (473 ml), I’ll check once the squareness has been taken out of them and some of the bumps.

For info, the rounder plane is still in refinement, getting the blade tuned in is proving not easy!

The Veritas Christmas tree

This one’s for you Sean Hellman 🙂

Well how does one mount one’s free Christmas tree? I was considering some chainsaw plunge cuts in a log, bucket of bricks, lean it up in the corner, when as if in a dream I remembered my one and a half-inch Veritas tenon cutter. Yes, the base of the tree (a cut-off) looked just a bit more than the appropriate diameter (I was careful not to have to repeat that measurement to myself). A silver birch log of sturdy dimensions had been lying near the front door for longer than it should have been – kill two birds with one stone eh? So into the fridge garage to retrieve that excellent Canadian device for making tenons of a certain size. I also handily have a Scotch eye auger of a similar diameter. So I ho. I ho. it’s off to work I went.

Here comes the tenon:

And hey presto! One tree sitting firmly in its log: