Peeled posted and wrung

Here’s a post and rung stool I’m working up for an exhibition coming up in April (Ah, joyous month!) at Farfield Mill at Sedbergh.  The event is Working Woodlands and is intended to show the range and quality of products that come out of coppicing woodland.  There will be a special section devoted to products made from Moss and Heights Spring Wood timber.  I’m making my stool above with peeled oak from there, and it will have an elm bast seat woven from bark from Strid Wood (West meets East kind of style!).

Do call in if you can get there.

Serried ranks

Christmas is coming and the elves are selling well.  I am getting an idea for an army of them at Farfiled Mill when the CANW have their exhibition there next April.

The paint shop has been removed from The Bodgery to Rose Cottage por tem.  Not because it’s so cosy painting them in front of the friendly green Troller Brug:

Damn! Wrong one – that’s the Westfire, this one:

The reason for the move is the paint will not dry in The Bodgery – too cold and damp.

Logging today!